One of the oldest Minecraft Survival servers - since 2012!

Server Details:

Main Hub:
Lordsworld: 40 people online.
Survival: 1/120 people.
Factions: 0/40 people.
Vanilla: 0/30 people.
Prison: 1/60 people.
Hub: 0/80 people.

Who says blue armour isn't fashionable?!?!!! :P

Vote Links: (survival)

Lordsworld Minecraft 1.8 includes:

PVP, Skyblock, Games, Vanilla, and Survival, with a full economy and property protection.
Survival server also has a Plotme Creative world for those creative builds.

Lordsworld - Server Hub
Server Hub - access many different styles of minecraft from one host.
Lordsworld Skyblock
Skyblock, Fight the Dragon!
Fight the ender dragon

Planet Minecraft: lordsworld,   Youtube: lordsworldmc,   Forum: zetaboards (active)