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Who says blue armour isn't fashionable?!?!!! :P

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Aug 5th 2014
Moving to new hardware - tab lists may be out of sync with online players for a while and hostnames may not work properly.
If you can't connect during this move, connect direct to:

Lordsworld Minecraft 1.7.10 includes:

PVP, Skyblock, Hide and Seek, Vanilla, Games, and Survival, with a full economy and property protection.
Survival server also has a Plotme Creative world for those creative builds.

Lordsworld - Server Hub
Server Hub - access many different styles of minecraft from one host.
Lordsworld Skyblock
Skyblock, Fight the Dragon!
Fight the ender dragon

Planet Minecraft: lordsworld,   Youtube: lordsworldmc,   Forum: zetaboards (active)