Games server:   Survival server: /warp games

Over 20 games to keep you occupied:

On games server: Parkour challenge, Parkour training course, Mob Arena, Survival Games
On survival server: 20+ games, many parkour challenges, zombie infection, ctf, 1v1, airborne (drop thru the hoops), tic tac toe, mob arenas, slot machines, blackjack, deathmatches, and more.

There is even a dedicated Hide and Seek (prophunt) server.

pvp team deathmatch PVP team deathmatch (4-8 players, 2 teams)

prickle Prickle, 1v1 paintball deathmatch

parkour Many challenging parkour courses

Planet Minecraft: lordsworld,   Youtube: lordsworldmc,   Forum: zetaboards (active)